A Sociocultural Analysis of Gaming and eSports
Torte De Lini


About the Author

Michael Yossef Cohen-Palacios is a 33-year old from Quebec, Canada, currently residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Professional Business Writing (Concordia’s University – 2013) as well as an Associate Degree in both Sociology and Psychology (Vanier College – 2010).

He is an active community member the gaming/esports scene and contributor since 2010. For the past 13 years, Michael Cohen has launched or been a part of over 12 different start-up organizations ranging from professional teams to tournaments and media brands. During his time working in esports, Michael Cohen has actively worked on almost all media platforms in the esports space being among the first to launch a live-streaming service, esports production studio, digital magazine and respect press site. As Managing Director of Cybersport.com, Michael Cohen and his team attracted a readership of 1.2 million monthly organic readers. In addition, as Head of International Strategy & Development for ESforce Holding, Michael Cohen had the honor of working with the holding’s brands such as Epicenter, Virtus.pro, Na’Vi, SK Gaming and media brands: Cybersport.com and Cybersport.ru.

In his free time, Michael Cohen, under the alias, Torte de Lini, successfully launched a Dota 2 Guides project, reaching 400 million subscriptions and penetrating over 82% of all daily matches. In addition, he has worked closely with Valve to develop the client with a guides system to allow better user guide-publishings for public use.

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About the Series

The Armchair Athleticism critical series is an opinion-base article series regarding the socio-culture and business behind gaming and competitive gaming industry. All articles are opinion-based and revolve around the author’s own experiences and understanding of the culture. This informed series of written pieces could not have been achieved without the help and opinions of my peers and friends.

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