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The following positions pertain no relevance to this website, the contents or subject matter. This is merely a temporarily site used for current job postings prior to a 2017 launch of a new company.

When applying, please format your subject line as: ‘Full Name – Position Name You Are Applying For‘. Due to the expected number of applicants, not all applications may be responded to in time.
Those applying for full-time positions, but who are also interested in freelancing, should indicate their interest somewhere in the body of their email.


When applying, please include the following details:

  • CV or Resume (no more than 2 pages)
  • Any personal/professional social media accounts and/or personal websites
  • Range of expected salary or freelance rate if you’re applying as a translator or freelance writer
  • Current residing location
  • Make sure to read the key notes for some positions and their requirements in addition to these details

Email your application to: [email protected] (2 Ts)

Open Positions

North-American Editor
European Editor (Possible Future Relocation)
  • Responsibilities:
    • Assigns and communicates content production with writers/freelancers
    • Copy-writes and edits content from daily news cycle to unique content creation
    • Recruits freelancers and coordinates deadlines for pitched content
    • Organizes editing and publishing responsibility with other editors to ensure smooth transition of work between regional time-zones
    • Ensures content quality and number of content published on weekly/monthly basis is fulfilled
    • Tracks data records of published works and relevant KPIs for evaluation
  • Qualifications:
    • 2 years’ minimum experience in editorial process and writing
    • Ability to travel and produce on-site event coverage
    • Comfortable writing general news-related esports content
    • Experience managing staff members and pushing necessary deadlines and responsibilities
    • Familiar in League of Legends/Dota 2/Counter-Strike esports and pro-actively plays the game
    • Flexible schedule
      • Photoshop a plus

Esports Writer (North America)
  • Responsibilities:
    • Regularly pitches and drafts unique editorial content, per editor approval, to be worked on throughout the weeks
    • Creates insightful written/video content regarding esports and the competitive games involved, incl. strategies, changes to the game and its effects
    • Produces unique content ranging from interviews, match/game analysis to profiles on team and player histories
    • Is comfortable and charismatic on camera, speaks enthusiastically about their opinions regarding a team’s success or failures, the specific games and upcoming matches
    • Cooperates with graphic designer to communicate needed images/graphics ahead of time for their content
      • Photoshop a plus
  • Qualifications:
    • Up to 3 years of experience in writing
    • Previous experience in writing hard-hitting articles, breaking esports news or credible strategy analysis
    • Comfortable and engaging on camera; charismatic and can portray a strong enthusiasm for esports to an audience
    • Expert in League of Legends and/or the Counter-Strike esports scene
    • Flexible schedule
      • History of the players, team organizations and strategies
  • Key notes before applying
    • Please only apply if you’ve written extensively about League of Legends and/or Counter-Strike scene:
      • Interested in writers who have written opinion, analytical pieces
      • Interested in writers who have broken major news stories (first)
      • Comfortable on-camera and able to talk about the game extensively
    • When applying, please send examples of your work that range from the types of content we’re looking for (breaking major news stories, opinion pieces, or strategy analysis, on-camera interviews or discussions)
(Social) Media Manager (Europe – Possible Future Relocation)
  • Responsibilities:
    • Manages all Twitter/Facebook delivery and curation
    • Plan and strategize ideal social media promotion to reach largest audience
      • Design unique campaigns to support published projects and event coverage
      • Design and execute strategy in creating content to continue promoting the brand when no published content is available
    • Coordinate with other brands’ social media teams for recurring cross-promotion of content published between brands
    • Maintain Live-streaming and VOD/YouTube formatting
      • Including titling/tagging to capture largest market
      • Additionally, flagging non-licensed republished works
    • Responsible for communication/outreach, coordinating giveaways and sponsored-related contests
    • Monitor results of social campaign and send results to supervisors
    • Comfortable with Photoshop and video/gif-editing
      • Photography a plus
  • Qualifications:
    • Familiarity with all esports titles and the general gaming/esports community
    • Up to 2 years of experience in (preferably esports) social media and/or marketing
    • Experience with web-analytics, social media advertising and data analysis
    • Articulate and personable, able to channel excitement through written medium
    • Organizational with a flexible time-schedule
  • Key notes before applying
    • Please only apply if you have a proven record of growing a brand’s following within esports or gaming.


Graphic Designer (Europe – Possible Future Relocation)
  • Responsibilities:
    • Create all relevant imagery and graphics for everything brand-related ranging (but not limited to) articles, social media, video production and web design
    • Consult with our content team to maintain style and colour scheme for both article presentation, infographics and site features/additions
    • Cooperate with writers in creating art assets that are customized precisely for the intent of the content, its tone and intent
    • Provide social media key graphics to use in attracting audience attention
  • Qualifications:
    • 2 years’ experience in a creative position
    • Comfort in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
      • Some video editing, animation and After Effects experience a plus
      • Basic HTML and CSS familiarity preferred
    • Communicative and comfortably working with deadlines and juggling multiple projects
  • Key notes before applying
    • Please send portfolio reel or published works displaying your range of graphic capabilities and strengths


Freelancers & Translators
  • Esports Writer position
  • Korean Translator
  • Chinese Translator
    • Responsibilities [Freelance Writers]:
      • We are seeking strongly-opinionated and knowledgeable freelancers to join and contribute with our content team
      • Should be regularly prepared to pitch ideas and coordinate with an editor to map out a working structure for the piece
      • (pays per word/per article and type of content)
    • Responsibilities [Freelance Translators]:
      • We are seeking translators to assist in understanding relevant news and interviews published around the world (Dota 2/Counter-Strike/League of Legends)
      • Preference over translators who can comfortable write compelling stories and conduct (written/speech) interviews on their own
      • Should also available to travel in-case of international events and international players
        • Translators who are comfortable on-camera and can serve as a pundit with interview is a strong preference
        • Translators who are familiar with the game and can comfortably talk about it is also a strong plus
    • Key notes before applying
      • If applying as a translator, please specify the game you are most comfortable with, primary language and secondary-learned language
      • Please forward any published works or interviews done as well

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